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Gillian Anderson Nude with Big Erect Nipples and Looking Sexy as Hell!

By , 03/20/2010

Agent Dana Scully was one of the sexiest characters on a TV show ever!  She didn’t even have to be nude as her face was so sexy and her aura just oozed hottness personified while always staying clothed in her FBI pants suits on ‘X-Files‘.  Plus she had a gun and not afraid to use it, another lucky six degrees of separation involving David Duchovny always being surrounded by hot nude actresses (Eva Amurri from Californication)!  ;)

* Gillian Anderson is one of the very rare and few that get better with age, seems the older she gets the hotter she gets!

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Gillian Anderson Nude and Topless Perky Nipples from “Closure”!

By , 10/07/2009

Damn, Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully) could poke your eye out with those perky nipples!!  Gillian has many topless and nude scenes from the movie “Closure” (aka Straightheads).  Gillian is sexy enough with her clothes on, but those nipples… damn!!!

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